Video – Lukas Grauel: #TheUnknown

#TheUnknown. It’s called this because Lukas Grauel has no backing behind him, and has dropped this edit on the basis that he and his friend Lars Schellenberg just really love riding and filming together. What better reason!? Continue reading


Fifteen Seconds of Fame – 15

Here’s 15 seconds, this time with Tom Kilcoyne. Tom always manages to blow my mind with his technical ability, and it always takes me a moment for my brain to process what just happened.

I’m stoked that Tom is now a part of the team.

Freecoaster – Fakie Slider

Was pretty buzzing to finally get this freecoaster line down, fakie sliders are always fun and I’ve always found inspiration to smash them out since watching the guys at VVC Force. I’ve been nibbling at this for a while now but was pushing closer and closer last night until I finally managed to get all the way to the mark I set at the bottom. I don’t really get much time to try for lines and stuff anymore, but this is an old one that I was starting to think I’d never get.. I’ll take that.

Cody Becker – Instavid

Is your toaster broken? Maybe you could use the heat from this edit preview to make toast? It’s crazy how stoked I am over this 15 second video by Cody Becker.

After a quick chat with Cody, I just can’t wait to see the finished edit, which should hopefully be dropping in the following months. Worth watching this one til the end.. Nice one dude!

Review: Identiti Rebate Park Rigid Fork

The Identiti Rebate rigid MTB fork has been around for some time now, and over the years they’ve proved to be a favourite amongst trail, park, and street riders alike. It’s an absolute classic. I’ve had my pair since 2010 which I got off my friend, which he’d got off someone else, so I haven’t got a clue how old they actually are or the exact amount of owners, but would guess they’re about 8-9 years old.

Continue reading

Matt MacDuff – Barcelona

Matt Macduff sure knows how to smash an MTB around the streets of Barcelona. I can’t say I expected anything less from Matt.. remember “The Ten Commandments”, and “For The Kids”?

This one is full of big, fast gaps.. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but I was blown away by the second to last clip, and then again by the last.

Go to The-Rise for more by Matt MacDuff.

New trick – Fakie Slider

The first time I saw a gnarly slider in MTB was when Pavel ‘Vishneviy’ Alekhin did one in the 2009 VVC force video, and then saw them return at the beginning of VVC Force 2010 by Pavel Vabischevich.

It’s one of them tricks where it takes a lot of patience to find that fine balancing points, and i’ve just managed to get fakie sliders to a point where I can keep the slide locked in for a good distance.

It also shreds front tyres, but thats a price that I’m willing to pay.