Trails Season Is Coming – Throwback Video

Summer is on its way and its almost trails season. I love this time of year. It’s when everything starts to look alive again, and the thought of those warm long evenings that can be spent with friends and beer at the trails is getting closer.

This video is of mine and Dans trails from 2013, the trails have since changed to just one bigger line down the middle, and Dan has really been grafting to get these running for 2015.


Matt Jamieson – Video

Matt Jamieson has just dropped this video which is a mix of the best and worst of his previous edits from 2007-2014. Matt is probably one of the original modern StreetMTB riders with no brakes, a rigid fork and a style that would even be at home on a BMX. Continue reading

Rip Post Office Trails

If you didn’t already know, the legendary post office trails have been flattened today. It’s sad to think that something that has played a huge part in a community for so long can be gone in a matter of hours. I really feel for the people that are a part of the Aptos scene, and hope they find a new spot soon.

rip post office altos trails california

Although I’m mainly a street guy, I started off riding trails. Back in the day, I used to buzz off this video. Cam McCaul kills it.

A Bike-Flip On a Big Wheeled Bike?

The first claimed bike-flip on an MTB was actually done seven years ago by Sam Pilgrim. I remember watching this when it first happened and was pretty blown away. I thought that these were going to be the next big trick that everybody would pursue, just like how every other kid and his dog are doing backflips. However, the hype on big wheeled bike-flips has laid pretty dormant since, and I haven’t heard of anybody doing one since.

Nostalgic Monday – VVC Force 2010

It’s Monday morning, and I’m sure that some people are feeling just like me, wishing that it was still the weekend. Nostalgia would be a good word to use.

Although some might be thinking back to the weekend, I’m throwing it back further, to Russia 2010 and the VVC Force.

I cant keep count on the number of times that I’ve watched this one, it’s a definite classic, with names in it like: Pavel “Vishneviy” Alekhin, Pavel “Chupakabra” Vabishchevich, Alexey Sinayko, Ilya Fedotov, Alexander Belevsky, DSP and more, throwing out street lines left, right, and centre.

If you’re unfamiliar with the VVC Force, Then I cant help but stress how much you need to watch their stuff.

Pavel Vabischevic’s slider, which is close to the beginning of the video, is something of perfection. And a manual down a handrail by Ilya Fedotov? Nuts.

Although mainly street, there is some stuff in here for you trails guys too.

Video – Alex Donnachie

In the wake of Alex Donnachie’s win at Vans Rebel Jam, Ive been watching old video’s of him riding. I can pretty much assume that a lot of people have been doing that too.

I remember watching this when this video section came out because I actually posted it to one of my old blogs. It was one of those videos where you grab the nearest BMX’er to hand and drag them over to watch it. What got me was the long grinds he was blasting out, and the long grind tech combo stuff. Not to mention that t-bog – smith – easy way, and the long crank arm on the down rail. Gnarly.

Throwback Thursday – Ruben Alcantara

A classic section from “Etnies Grounded”, Ruben Alcantara smashes it from the start with that Bank to bank wall ride, his reaction afterwards gets me every time. Whether it’s technical ledges, or huge gaps on the street, Ruben had it covered. I remember watching this a few years when it came out, and even by todays standards it’s something special. “Grounded” was released in 2007 with big names like Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Aaron Ross, Sergio Layos, Brian Kachinsky, Josh Stricker, Morgan Wade, and many more. The whole thing is worth a watch.

Classic Bike Check – Tom White

Recently i’ve been looking at a fair bit of old BMX videos, and in the last few days or so i’ve found myself watching a lot of Tom White and Edwin Delarosa sections. I actually found this video a few years ago and for a bike check it’s pretty sick. Safe to say that Tom White really doesn’t care so long as his bike works, and I get the feeling that Tom wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) the guy to just ask for new parts and take a sponsorship and free parts for granted. I like that. Genuine guy, the streetest bike you’ll ever come across, and a hell of a sick street rider.

Classic Video: Dan Cox – Tomorrow We Work


“Tomorrow We Work” was probably the most anticipated BMX videos of 2008, and was a follow up of “Voices” by Joe Cox which is an all time classic itself. It’s this section of the video which screamed at me the most. Other than Karl Poynter, there wasn’t really any other free coaster riders that I knew of at the time. This was before the current free coaster hype, where now every lad and his dog has one. Infact, it was probably less than a week after watching this video section that I bought myself my first free coaster. Not a coincidence at all. All that backwards malarkey just looked so much fun, and opened up a whole new gateway of tricks.

Every rider will pick out a video section that they like because its what they can engage with. This section is what pushed me towards running a free coaster to start with, and I’ve watched it countless times since. Being from Sheffield, I could watch spots that I rode, which got me even more stoked.

The banger clip for me certainly had to be Dan doing a half cab down MACBA. Just half cabs down stair sets to begin with got me stoked, or even backwards without back peddling, it just looked strange at the time.

Nearly five years down the line and I’ve only just renewed my free coaster for a new one. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I saw any backwards funny business from Dan. Shame really. However, I’m glad that free coaster hubs finally caught on.