Bolehill Helltrack 2017

One of the top ten events of the year: Bolehill “Helltrack”, went down on 17th June at Sheffield’s finest BMX track. Stuff got pretty gnarly.

I’ve been away for a while with injury, but what better way to get back on my bike after 9 months than with plenty of shredding,  high jump, best trick and back straight trains.

Some heavy beats by DJ Joe Camus and Jacob Apanasionok got me throwing rocks, two stepping, and generally throwing some mad shapes both on and off the bike.

Hats off to Dave Camus and everybody else involved with organising the event and prepping the track for the day.

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Clique MTB Limited – Beddo Bikes UK

Beddo Bikes Neat Tabu Seat Handlebats headset grips combo catch it bike frame dirt jumper skatepark street mtbmx

I’m stoked to announce that we are now UK suppler for Beddo Bikes, and will be launching the new website in the next couple of weeks under the name “CliqueMTB.”

Above is a sneaky look at the Beddo Neat frame which will RRP at £310.

Rip Post Office Trails

If you didn’t already know, the legendary post office trails have been flattened today. It’s sad to think that something that has played a huge part in a community for so long can be gone in a matter of hours. I really feel for the people that are a part of the Aptos scene, and hope they find a new spot soon.

rip post office altos trails california

Although I’m mainly a street guy, I started off riding trails. Back in the day, I used to buzz off this video. Cam McCaul kills it.

New – DPS Single Speed Female Cassette Hub

dps hub 1 dps hub 4 dps hub 3 dps hub

Going back a few years, there wasn’t many proper single speed hubs out there for MTB. It was a case of getting any old MTB hub and sticking those single speed conversion kits on, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll remember those awful chain tensioners that replaced a mech on frames with vertical dropouts. Not a good look.

We’re now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing hubs, and DPS-bikes have now given their contribution to a female axle single-speed hub with with a disk mount. Continue reading