Fifteen Seconds of Fame – 15

Here’s 15 seconds, this time with Tom Kilcoyne. Tom always manages to blow my mind with his technical ability, and it always takes me a moment for my brain to process what just happened.

I’m stoked that Tom is now a part of the team.


Fifteen Seconds Of Fame 11 – Video

Millhouses Skatepark in Sheffield is pretty much jib capital. I can spend hours just playing on this bank , making slight variation changes, use the sub box, use the hip, the list goes on. I’ve even seen people gap out of the park both ways. Infact I was watching from the sidelines as Chaz Mailey crashed trying to gap over the railings from this bank whilst filming for RideUKBMX’s “Ride To Glory 2010.” If you look closely, I’m in that video wearing a bright blue hoodie. My real fifteen seconds of fame.

BSD Ride To Glory 2010 ride uk bmx rideukbmx chaz mailey tony malouf kriss kyle nailz mike jersey tailor

Ride to glory 2010. I’m sat at the top of the bank in the blue hoodie.

Fifteen Seconds Of Fame – 7

Everybody knows that the run up to christmas is hectic. And yes it’s hit me hard. Although I’m hitting my uni deadlines, I’m still getting stressed about my work being okay.

However, I’ve been looking forwards to posting this weeks “Fifteen Seconds Of Fame”, because I found some old clips on my computer. These were from last year, and I didn’t half love riding last year. I’d go as far as saying that last year was probably one of my favourite years so far. Not that I did anything spectacular. Just because. literally just because. Nothing has to have a reason behind it does it.

Enjoy guys.

Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

It’s that time of the week again for another 15 second Insta-vid. I’m pretty chuffed with how well these are going. This is number six of the series, and myself from earlier this year.

I’ve got to say that I’m seriously missing the warmer weather, damn it’s hard to find motivation to ride in the grim cold english weather.