Broken, that’s exactly what I now am. In October 2016, unknowingly to myself at the time, I had a rather unspectacular yet catastrophic crash on my bike that has prevented me riding my bike properly ever since. The crash wasn’t anything special, I’d just tried to 180 a jump box to land down the transition to fakie, clipped my front wheel on the top of the box and I landed on my left wrist. Now I’m left with a wrist injury that will never heal, and because of the nature of the injury, have early signs of arthritis.

The wrist injury is a broken scaphoid. Typical. However, I’ve also ruptured the SL (Scapholunate) ligament, which is what holds the Scaphoid and Lunate bones of the wrist together. This has caused Scapholunate instability, and because of this it has caused wrist osteoarthritis called Scapholunate Advanced Collapse. AKA. Fucked.

How did it even get this bad? I actually went to the doctors a week after the crash because it wasn’t getting any better and was told that it was just a sprain and was sent on my way. I even went a second time and a third time, and it was only on my third visit (ten months after the crash) that I was sent for an X-ray. The Scaphoid bone has it’s own blood supply and an artery that runs down the middle of it, and if the bone is broken, the blood supply is severed and the bone dies. Exactly whats happened to me.

Why is the Scaphoid important and how has it had such an impact on me? The Scaphoid is a small bone in the wrist that sits kind of under your thumb, which holds four other bones in place. These four other bones are what your wrist pivots on.

What can I do? In one word, nothing. Theres a procedure that I could guinea pig called a Scaphoidectomy and Brunelli (correct me if i’m wrong, please) that I could have had but I have chosen to put this off for as long as possible. This procedure involves having my Scaphoid bone removed, and a tendon in my wrist will be used and looped through where my scaphoid used to be, holding the four bones in place instead. The drawback of this is that because a tendon is used, I’ll lose some mobility in my wrist. There is also no guarantee that it’ll prevent pain from impact, and more importantly there are no long term results of this procedure. Its this or have my wrist completely fused solid.

What’s next? Well, sixteen months have passed and I came close to selling my bike a few days ago. Something in the back of my mind made me pull out of a deal a few hours before someone was meant to collect it. A week prior to this I had got my bike out and managed to do a 180 to fakie slider, completely pain free. I have a 661 wrist support thats actually pretty good. Over the next few weeks I intend to try and get out and see if I can still do anything. If I can do even half of what I used to I’ll be happy.

I’ll leave you with the last edit that I put together nearly 3 years ago.





2 thoughts on “Broken.

  1. Hey, sorry to read this. Hope at least one of the options open to you can keep you riding. Even if your trick book gets a bit thinned out. Love watching your edits and excitement for the sport, keep your chin up and keep trying to get out.
    Take care,


    • Cheers mate! Yeah I’ve managed to ride twice and the only thing that’s limiting me is the fact that I’ve had so long off the bike that I’m a bit rusty. I’ve had no niggles in my wrist so far but taking it easy for now.


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