VVC Force 2015 – Full Video

It’s finally here, VVC Force 2015, possibly the most anticipated street and dirt MTB video of all time?

With names like: Pavel ‘Vishneviy’ Alekhin, Alexey Sinayko, Ilya Fedotov, Serj Matt, Alexander Belevskiy, Andrey Strizhak, and more Russian rider, how can you not expect banger after banger.

I’ve been waiting, and questioning if this video would ever come since VVC Force 2010. The whole VVC scene seemed to disappear and lay dormant in it’s own underground abode,  with nothing but slight movements to stir questions in my mind of what, or if I should be expecting anything. Hints of an existence that lay subconsciously in the gutters and every street corner around the world. How can MTB street be dead if VVC Force is forever?

I’ve followed VVC Force since I originally took to the streets on a big bike. They’ve influenced so much of what I do and love over the years, and what I’ll continue to do and love for as long as I’m physically able.

It’s crazy how I feel like I’ve known all of the riders for so many years, yet never met them. They’re the people that push every riding session further and support everyone in the scene. Their videos have become a part of who I am and what I know, and  what I will watch over and over and over again.

Without further a due, and before I go even more fan girl.. get stoked, go watch.


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