Bike Check – Beddo Neat

beddo neat clique.jpg

I actually got my new Beddo Neat built up at the end of october, but wanted to ride it a few times before posting any kind of bike check so I could give a proper opinion to how it rides.. I’m completely blown away by the build, I’m stoked about all the parts on it, and things haven’t turned out at all how I thought they would..

I built this bike with the intentions of riding trails on it, but after a few rides on street, I actually find this much nicer and easier to ride than my old 24″ NS Capital build, and therefore will be parting ways with my old bike and using the Neat for everything. The Beddo Neat is so easy to throw about and yet has so much stability. I’m not sure about the weight of the whole bike, but its certainly the lightest bike I’ve ever owned.

All the Beddo stuff seems so easy to set up, has a modest weight and finishes the look of the build off perfectly. It’s also well thought out, the frame comes with some spacers that slot in between the hub axle and dropout to prevent the wheel slipping. This means that I can even run a QR hub no dramas.


Frame: Beddo Neat

Fork: Rockshox Argyle RCT 80mm

Headset: Beddo

Stem: Beddo Connector

Bars: NS Proof

Grips: Beddo Catch It

Seat/post: Beddo Combo

BB: Gusset

Crank: Beddo Thrust

Sprocket: Premium Gnarstar 25t

Pedals: NS Ariel Sealed

Chain: Sram

Front Wheel: Hope Pro 2 20mm Hub, Kore Rivera Rim, DT Swiss Spokes

Rear Wheel: Hope Pro 2 QR hub, Mavic EX 721 Rim, DT Swiss Spokes

Tyres: Vee Rubber Speedster Folding 26×2.1″



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