VVC Force 2015 Risen From The Underground

The Guys at VVC Force have released this intro video, announcing that they are making a comeback. (Watch full video here). I’m beyond stoked at this news and can’t wait to see what else these guys have to offer.

The crew of Russian riders are who I’ve found my inspiration from since I discovered them in 2008, although they originally formed back in 2001. If you’ve never heard of them or just need to re-jiggle your memory, then their 2010 and RMC Cup 2 videos are a good place to start.

“We decided to come out from the underground, and now we’re owning the streets again. Refresh your memory by watching our vimeo channel… And forget it once and for all. From now on we’re starting new VVC Force — we and our friends will be making lots of content. So, keep up with us and check our newsletter on www.vvcforce.com “


2 thoughts on “VVC Force 2015 Risen From The Underground

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