New trick – Fakie Slider

The first time I saw a gnarly slider in MTB was when Pavel ‘Vishneviy’ Alekhin did one in the 2009 VVC force video, and then saw them return at the beginning of VVC Force 2010 by Pavel Vabischevich.

It’s one of them tricks where it takes a lot of patience to find that fine balancing points, and i’ve just managed to get fakie sliders to a point where I can keep the slide locked in for a good distance.

It also shreds front tyres, but thats a price that I’m willing to pay.


Trails Season Is Coming – Throwback Video

Summer is on its way and its almost trails season. I love this time of year. It’s when everything starts to look alive again, and the thought of those warm long evenings that can be spent with friends and beer at the trails is getting closer.

This video is of mine and Dans trails from 2013, the trails have since changed to just one bigger line down the middle, and Dan has really been grafting to get these running for 2015.