Matt Jamieson – Video

Matt Jamieson has just dropped this video which is a mix of the best and worst of his previous edits from 2007-2014. Matt is probably one of the original modern StreetMTB riders with no brakes, a rigid fork and a style that would even be at home on a BMX.

matt oppo 180 thrashbike

There are some real bangers in this, from the oppo 180 over the rail at Brooklyn during the thrash bike jam (02:50 in the vid), to the 360 down the 11 set outside the HSBC bank in Sheffield (01:56 in the vid). A photo of that 360 down the 11 set actually got POD (picture of the day) on Pinkbike, however, it got removed because Matt wasn’t wearing a helmet in the photo. He now wears a helmet after fracturing his skull in Barcalona (01:11 in the vid).

matt 360 hsbc

Nice one Matt.


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