Video – Matt Macduff “Hit The Roof”

If you’re wondering why it’s called that, it’s because Matt Macduff actually hits the roof. By that, I don’t mean goes on a mental psycho bike slaying sesh, which yes, he also does that, but he boosts off a quarter and plants tyre on the roof of Joyride150 skatepark.

This one is full of bangers, expect nothing less from Matt.  Anything with his name to it is nothing but good.. who remembers the “For The Kids” from late 2011?

I can recall going back to when I first started riding in 2007, and seeing snippets of Matt Macduff and The-Rise riding, although The-Rise wasn’t established until 2008. Since then they seem to have paved the way for StreetMTB riding and become some of the biggest names out there. For obvious reasons.

This one got me pumped, which is the case for all stuff which comes from the canadian crew, The-Rise.


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