Nostalgic Monday – VVC Force 2010

It’s Monday morning, and I’m sure that some people are feeling just like me, wishing that it was still the weekend. Nostalgia would be a good word to use.

Although some might be thinking back to the weekend, I’m throwing it back further, to Russia 2010 and the VVC Force.

I cant keep count on the number of times that I’ve watched this one, it’s a definite classic, with names in it like: Pavel “Vishneviy” Alekhin, Pavel “Chupakabra” Vabishchevich, Alexey Sinayko, Ilya Fedotov, Alexander Belevsky, DSP and more, throwing out street lines left, right, and centre.

If you’re unfamiliar with the VVC Force, Then I cant help but stress how much you need to watch their stuff.

Pavel Vabischevic’s slider, which is close to the beginning of the video, is something of perfection. And a manual down a handrail by Ilya Fedotov? Nuts.

Although mainly street, there is some stuff in here for you trails guys too.


4 thoughts on “Nostalgic Monday – VVC Force 2010

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