Adrian Wood – Clique Late 2014, Early 2015

I originally had the intentions to get this all together a lot sooner, however my priorities of uni work took over and its only now that I’ve managed to do anything with this.

It’s arguable whether or not this is is still MTB. Running pegs, a free coaster, rigid forks, and the bike kitted out with the majority of BMX components. Do I care? Not really. Its something I do because I want to do it. Kind of because it’s different, and mainly because I get my own little area to do whatever I want with my own different twist.

However, doing BMX stuff on an MTB does have its drawbacks. With pegs especially. BB clearance is a big issue, next one is sprocket clearance. Then there is the fact that the physical size difference of the wheels often means that ledges are often too low, where on a BMX they wouldn’t be. Spinning out of peg tricks is still something that I’m itching to get down too.

This is the first vid that I’ve put together running pegs, and I’m pretty stoked on how fun they are.. however, it took a while to get my setup to run pegs as well as it does now.

My favourite lines? Probably the 180 fake to pedal feeb, backside 270. That was a spur of the moment thing. I landed a few and just rolled out without the backside 270 but they just didn’t feel like a complete trick to put into an edit. It took me some time to get down but once I got into the stall, I just chucked the bike and hoped for the best.

Also that last manual line was one that took me a while to get on film. Just because of the amount of times that I got kicked off the spot. I’d be riding it, then just as I’d got warmed up and into the line, I’d get kicked off before I could get it. I think it was the relief of getting it that makes me personally like that clip.

I was hoping to get a couple more clips, but I’m saving those for filming in the summer, to release something towards end of summer/autumn hopefully.

Thanks to Corey Fereday for pointing the camera a lot in this for me, Danny Fontana also shot a couple of clips along with Joe Ward.

Thanks, Adrian.


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