Dima Rayman – Welcome to Pride Street Video

This blew my mind. I loved the aggressive speed that Dima goes into stuff. A raw street style.

Ideologically, or in my eyes at least, this is what street MTB is about. I’m not sure if popular would be the correct word, but there are a few street MTB riders running pegs nowadays, definitely a hint of a scene. I’m one of those few. It opens up a door to a whole new bag of fun tricks. Although the challenge is much harder than it is on BMX. If you go back Ten years or so, you wouldn’t see anything like this. It’s one of the many ways in which MTB has changed and branched to many areas.

I Can’t say I have a favourite clip, I was stoked from watching all of it. The MF Doom track was the icing on the cake too and finished it off.

Nice one. Im definitely a fan.


3 thoughts on “Dima Rayman – Welcome to Pride Street Video

      • I’ve seen kids ride mountainbikes in skateparks, but never serious stuff. The ones who kept riding switched to Bmx. The only serious street mtb I’ve been aware of were big ass drops and crazy downhill through the streets.

        I love this kind of stuff.


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