Video – An emotional day at the office

The most painful part of riding that isn’t crashing, is failing a line at the very last part. I can’t count on my hands and feet, how many times this happened to me on this line.

On a brighter note, I was getting my Footjam Whips down every time. This is just a small bunch of times that I tried the line before landing it.

The fake double peg at the end was causing me the dramas. But in the end, I managed to get it down. Video to follow.

Thanks, Adrian


Video – Matt Macduff “Hit The Roof”

If you’re wondering why it’s called that, it’s because Matt Macduff actually hits the roof. By that, I don’t mean goes on a mental psycho bike slaying sesh, which yes, he also does that, but he boosts off a quarter and plants tyre on the roof of Joyride150 skatepark.

This one is full of bangers, expect nothing less from Matt.  Anything with his name to it is nothing but good.. who remembers the “For The Kids” from late 2011?

I can recall going back to when I first started riding in 2007, and seeing snippets of Matt Macduff and The-Rise riding, although The-Rise wasn’t established until 2008. Since then they seem to have paved the way for StreetMTB riding and become some of the biggest names out there. For obvious reasons.

This one got me pumped, which is the case for all stuff which comes from the canadian crew, The-Rise.

Guanch – Video

Watching an edit is one thing, but I love to see when a group of riders put a feature length edit together. Afterall, that’s what the scene is about isn’t it. Chilling and having fun.

The streets are attacked and with some good styles, with some peg and freecoaster action for you peg and coaster fans.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a full length video, infact, I can only recall watching longer videos from “The Rise”, and “VVC Force.”

The rider list in order is.
Chris Johnson
Morgan Wase
A mix section with sherbet, Glen Quinn and Daniel Fluder(bmx)
Gabi Szalay
And ending with C.R. Shepherd

Nice one guys.

Nostalgic Monday – VVC Force 2010

It’s Monday morning, and I’m sure that some people are feeling just like me, wishing that it was still the weekend. Nostalgia would be a good word to use.

Although some might be thinking back to the weekend, I’m throwing it back further, to Russia 2010 and the VVC Force.

I cant keep count on the number of times that I’ve watched this one, it’s a definite classic, with names in it like: Pavel “Vishneviy” Alekhin, Pavel “Chupakabra” Vabishchevich, Alexey Sinayko, Ilya Fedotov, Alexander Belevsky, DSP and more, throwing out street lines left, right, and centre.

If you’re unfamiliar with the VVC Force, Then I cant help but stress how much you need to watch their stuff.

Pavel Vabischevic’s slider, which is close to the beginning of the video, is something of perfection. And a manual down a handrail by Ilya Fedotov? Nuts.

Although mainly street, there is some stuff in here for you trails guys too.

New – DPS Single Speed Female Cassette Hub

dps hub 1 dps hub 4 dps hub 3 dps hub

Going back a few years, there wasn’t many proper single speed hubs out there for MTB. It was a case of getting any old MTB hub and sticking those single speed conversion kits on, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll remember those awful chain tensioners that replaced a mech on frames with vertical dropouts. Not a good look.

We’re now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing hubs, and DPS-bikes have now given their contribution to a female axle single-speed hub with with a disk mount. Continue reading

Tom Kilcoyne – Self Filmed Procrastination

I can completely sympathise with Tom. Being a uni student myself, I know what it feels like to have a pile of work and exams to focus on, and sometimes the only thing that can help is a solo riding sesh. A bike to us riders is like a stress ball to everybody else. A punch bag to take stress out and forget about any worries.

What I like about Tom is his effortless flow and ability to make what he does look so simple. I just don’t get bored of watching what he’s dishing out. Nice one dude, and good luck with uni stuff.

Tabletop Tuesday

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a photo for “Tabletop Tuesday”, so I thought I’d dig deep and pull this one out of the throwback box.

My brother snapped this pic up of me a few years back, I’d say it was taken around 2011-12 judging by the bike I’m riding.

There isn’t many pictures of me riding, but this is definitely my favourite one.