Snow Bike – Ski-MX

This Particular Ski-MX is the handy work of my brother Tom, who came up with the idea to take his mind off stuff during his final year at uni whilst studying engineering.

If you don’t know what a Ski-MX is, it’s basically a BMX with ski’s to replace the wheels so that it can be ridden on snow. Pretty neat really.

The skis replace the wheels, and are a direct bolt on replacement for any bike with 14mm dropouts. All thats left to do is remove the sprocket and its ready. It’s that simple.

Tom said: “I came up with the Ski-MX in my final year of uni, it was something to do as a break from my studies.

I found that It can be pretty out of control at times, but that’s the fun of it”.

Its fast. Or can be if you have the bottle. On a small hill, the bike was clocked at 31.7KPH using the Strava app.

“I want to take it down a big hill and see what top speed I can really get out of it.” Said Tom.

This is actually a second version of the bike. Mark two. The previous version had two ski’s, front and back, where the current one has a snowboard to prevent sinking in to fresh snow, and also allows the bike to drift.

The newer version makes for a better handling bike and Tom told me: “I want to take it to my local DH trail or just a technical bike trail to test it round there. I think thats where the bike will be the most fun.

I crash it quite a lot, but its only snow isn’t it. You just get up, dust yourself off, and laugh all the way down the hill. It’s all just a big laugh.”

I really like this thing, it’s what BMX is all about. Making the most out of something and using your imagination to its fullest. Not only that, but it’s a proper good laugh.


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