Review: Black Market Molly Hatchet

My overall opinion of the bars can be summed up with the video that I’ve included with this review. However, I do want to add some good points to the bars before I start slagging them off. I bought the bars about a year ago, after bending a set of gusset open prisons. I chose the 3″ rise set, to go with my NS Capital frame and Identiti Rebate park fork.

Photo from "Frenchcancan" on

Photo from “Frenchcancan” on

So, the way they feel. They’ve been my favourite bars to ride over the 8 years that I’ve been riding. I really liked the way that the bars looked. The decal on the bars looks way better than anything else on the market in my opinion. I really liked the classic type sharper angled bends to them too.. such as like with the Dartmoor toxic and NS District that have got a longer sweeping curve with less angle on the bends. The idea behind the longer sweeping bends of the NS and Dartmoor bars, is to reduce stress in the metal and create a straighter bar. Therefore, making a stronger handlebar overall.

This is where the bad points of the Black Market Molly Hatchet come in.

Mine snapped today. I didn’t even do anything significant, I pulled up to 180 and before I knew it, I was laid out on the floor wondering what the hell had just happened.

On closer inspection, the handlebar has actually snapped around the knurling where the stem clamps onto the bar.

snapped molly hatchets knurling is a crossed pattern thats embossed into the bar to stop the bars from slipping in the stem. However, its almost like the knurling has been done too deep and made the bars weaker. Or at least looks that way, correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve been contacted by several other people over the last few hours who have confirmed their Molly hatchets snapping in the same way. A common fault then!? Basically. The bars feel good. However. If you intend to do any kind of aggressive riding, Look elsewhere to buy bars because it seems as though these have a tendency to snap without any signs of bending before.  Thats certainly my opinion anyway.


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