Henry Turner/Michael Dickson September Split – Video

I remember like about 2 years ago or something, Henry Turner posted something on Pinkbike about learning barspins one day. From then on, it’s just been a constant endless list of new learns and tricks and mad trickery. I’m genuinely impressed at every clip that he puts out and the rate that he’s progressing at. It’s just not fair, It now takes me a hefty chunk of time to learn anything new and I’ve seen clips of like 3 new learns at a time.

Now, I’m not trying to steal the lime light from Michael. He’s a well rounded rider. A smooth one at that. Railride 180 barspin, damn thats cool.

One thing I feel strongly about is that I don’t think filmers get enough credit. Not by a long way. I’ve seen a few bits Olly Geary’s work and I’m genuinely a fan. The sequences he uses, the almost sadistic music that perfectly suits the video effects he’s used. Just everything about it. Nice one!


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