Mutiny ‘Catasauqua’

UK Trails season 2014 is dead and buried, has been for a long time and I thought I had got over the fact that realistically it’ll probably be 3-4 months before I even consider letting my tyres make contact with dirt again. Then Mutiny bikes release this, and I have to remember what its like to flow through a set of trails.

Catty woods are infamous all over the world for being some of the gnarliest trails around. I’d love to ride there someday, but I can honestly say that I don’t think I’d even have the bottle to hit them. Have you seen the size and the speed at which they run? Those whipping berms and the size of the gaps between the lips of the takeoff and landing.

Matt Roe, Robbo and Andy Martinez roost this one up. Filming is by Rich Forne. I’ve got to say that the music is kind of disturbing, and kind of reflects the fact that you’d have to be a mad man to ride those trails. Nice one guys, love it!


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