Snow Bike – Ski-MX

This Particular Ski-MX is the handy work of my brother Tom, who came up with the idea to take his mind off stuff during his final year at uni whilst studying engineering.

If you don’t know what a Ski-MX is, it’s basically a BMX with ski’s to replace the wheels so that it can be ridden on snow. Pretty neat really.

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Review: Black Market Molly Hatchet

My overall opinion of the bars can be summed up with the video that I’ve included with this review. However, I do want to add some good points to the bars before I start slagging them off. I bought the bars about a year ago, after bending a set of gusset open prisons. I chose the 3″ rise set, to go with my NS Capital frame and Identiti Rebate park fork.

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“Easy” – Tom Kilcoyne & Ben Tomlinson

“Easy” is exactly what this edit is, in the sense that its a super chill video thats easy to watch. Kind of like Tom and Ben on a typical riding sesh. I’ve ridden with them both and on several occasions and I can’t help but like how clean their riding is.

Tom’s 5 Cab at the beginning into the bank was as clean as a whistle. And Ben’s Ice on the flat rail is something i’m jealous of. I wish I had them like that.

Nice one guys!

Fifteen Seconds Of Fame – 7

Everybody knows that the run up to christmas is hectic. And yes it’s hit me hard. Although I’m hitting my uni deadlines, I’m still getting stressed about my work being okay.

However, I’ve been looking forwards to posting this weeks “Fifteen Seconds Of Fame”, because I found some old clips on my computer. These were from last year, and I didn’t half love riding last year. I’d go as far as saying that last year was probably one of my favourite years so far. Not that I did anything spectacular. Just because. literally just because. Nothing has to have a reason behind it does it.

Enjoy guys.

Henry Turner/Michael Dickson September Split – Video

I remember like about 2 years ago or something, Henry Turner posted something on Pinkbike about learning barspins one day. From then on, it’s just been a constant endless list of new learns and tricks and mad trickery. I’m genuinely impressed at every clip that he puts out and the rate that he’s progressing at. It’s just not fair, It now takes me a hefty chunk of time to learn anything new and I’ve seen clips of like 3 new learns at a time.

Now, I’m not trying to steal the lime light from Michael. He’s a well rounded rider. A smooth one at that. Railride 180 barspin, damn thats cool.

One thing I feel strongly about is that I don’t think filmers get enough credit. Not by a long way. I’ve seen a few bits Olly Geary’s work and I’m genuinely a fan. The sequences he uses, the almost sadistic music that perfectly suits the video effects he’s used. Just everything about it. Nice one!

Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

It’s that time of the week again for another 15 second Insta-vid. I’m pretty chuffed with how well these are going. This is number six of the series, and myself from earlier this year.

I’ve got to say that I’m seriously missing the warmer weather, damn it’s hard to find motivation to ride in the grim cold english weather.

The Make – Return To The 36th Chamber

I’m sure that any Wu-tang fan will appreciate this as much as I did.

The Make crew killed the streets of Chengdu China in this one with some high speed gaps into grinds, sparks flying. Sick.

I’ve seen the likes of Tommy C and Shanky about briefly in my hometown of Sheffield, England. Its good to see they’re still shredding as per.

Nice one guys!