Classic Video: Dan Cox – Tomorrow We Work


“Tomorrow We Work” was probably the most anticipated BMX videos of 2008, and was a follow up of “Voices” by Joe Cox which is an all time classic itself. It’s this section of the video which screamed at me the most. Other than Karl Poynter, there wasn’t really any other free coaster riders that I knew of at the time. This was before the current free coaster hype, where now every lad and his dog has one. Infact, it was probably less than a week after watching this video section that I bought myself my first free coaster. Not a coincidence at all. All that backwards malarkey just looked so much fun, and opened up a whole new gateway of tricks.

Every rider will pick out a video section that they like because its what they can engage with. This section is what pushed me towards running a free coaster to start with, and I’ve watched it countless times since. Being from Sheffield, I could watch spots that I rode, which got me even more stoked.

The banger clip for me certainly had to be Dan doing a half cab down MACBA. Just half cabs down stair sets to begin with got me stoked, or even backwards without back peddling, it just looked strange at the time.

Nearly five years down the line and I’ve only just renewed my free coaster for a new one. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I saw any backwards funny business from Dan. Shame really. However, I’m glad that free coaster hubs finally caught on.


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