Video: Nik Ford – One Day

I started following Nik Ford on Facebook something like a year and a half ago when he released his 10 year edit. I was instantly hooked to his x-up grind barspin variations and an old school style that takes me back to “the good old days.” Not to mention listening to placebo for the next week or so, but thats another story.

There’s a lot of insane riders out there that will do something that would seem impossible like some wild 360 over a roof Sean Burns style, and I’m stoked for those don’t get me wrong. One of the things that Nik’s edits do is look fun and make me want to go out and try those gnarly old school grind combos and x-ride stuff. I wanted to try a sprocket stall-barspin-x-up on a spine like in his 10 year edit.

Then there’s the story that he has. Nik was announced brain dead in January 2003, (Click here for story) following what seemed like a normal BMX crash which he walked away from. It was the following morning that Nik was rushed into hospital after collapsing in his kitchen. After going into surgery, he suffered a heart attack and his pupils had blown, he was brain dead. It was after surgery when a nurse was cleaning him down that she noticed his pupils react to light, she quickly got a second opinion and it was confirmed that Nik could have a second chance at life.

As far as inspiring goes, I think this pretty much ticks the box. Despite the fact that the accident could have been fatal, Nik still carries on as if nothing ever happened. The “One day” edit pretty much sums up that BMX isn’t just a hobby, its a a lifestyle choice. BMX games, clothing choice, old bike parts in the garage along with that first ever bike you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of because of sentimental value, stickers on the back window of your car. That’s the second thing I like about this edit, it reflects a BMX’ers life and is certainly something that we can all relate to in some way or another.


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