Matt Priest – Video

There’s no two ways about it. Matt Priest is probably one of the UK’s most well rounded riders. He can ride everything. From boosting trails with added steeze, flowing bowl sections, to some technical street manual line. Matt has it covered.

I mean, that stair set clip with the 360 out of the top.. and the foot plant to manual over the barrier from the highway.

I remember watching one of Matt Priest’s videos back when I very first started riding around 2006-2007, it was a Segment clothing video, which actually got me hooked on music by “The Sounds”. I can only say that Matt’s blown up since and even killed the trails back then.

Matt Priest SA, Texas and Back Again, has got to be one of my favourite videos all year. Nice one Matt!

Video – Alex Donnachie

In the wake of Alex Donnachie’s win at Vans Rebel Jam, Ive been watching old video’s of him riding. I can pretty much assume that a lot of people have been doing that too.

I remember watching this when this video section came out because I actually posted it to one of my old blogs. It was one of those videos where you grab the nearest BMX’er to hand and drag them over to watch it. What got me was the long grinds he was blasting out, and the long grind tech combo stuff. Not to mention that t-bog – smith – easy way, and the long crank arm on the down rail. Gnarly.

Video – Karl Poynter

Karl Poynter is just about the only thing more tech than an Apple shop. His manual variations and ability on a free coaster have always blown me away, from as early as 2007 in a video that I watched on youtube called, “Shook It’s On,” and his section from, “Brighton Ain’t Ready.”

Karl means business in this, starting out with a hefty manual line into a rock to fakie manual out. I’m not guna lie, but for some reason at 3:07 I thought karl was putting his foot down to jump off. How naive of me. Line finished with a cheeky hang 5. It’s also decent to see more and more riders sporting a helmet.

I’d been waiting for this video to come out anxiously for a few days, and I can say that I’ve not been disappointed.

Video – Aaron Ross Riding Trails

I don’t think I can ever recall seeing Aaron Ross ride trails for myself. In the back of my mind I think I’ve seen a few short clips on Instagram. But anyway. Here’s a short edit of Aaron Ross, riding for S1 helmets. Not that I doubted it for a second, but Aaron is actually sick on trails as well as he is on street. You just can’t beat a rider who’s good all round. Not to mention one that promotes wearing a helmet. Nice one!

Throwback Thursday – Ruben Alcantara

A classic section from “Etnies Grounded”, Ruben Alcantara smashes it from the start with that Bank to bank wall ride, his reaction afterwards gets me every time. Whether it’s technical ledges, or huge gaps on the street, Ruben had it covered. I remember watching this a few years when it came out, and even by todays standards it’s something special. “Grounded” was released in 2007 with big names like Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Aaron Ross, Sergio Layos, Brian Kachinsky, Josh Stricker, Morgan Wade, and many more. The whole thing is worth a watch.

Classic Bike Check – Tom White

Recently i’ve been looking at a fair bit of old BMX videos, and in the last few days or so i’ve found myself watching a lot of Tom White and Edwin Delarosa sections. I actually found this video a few years ago and for a bike check it’s pretty sick. Safe to say that Tom White really doesn’t care so long as his bike works, and I get the feeling that Tom wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) the guy to just ask for new parts and take a sponsorship and free parts for granted. I like that. Genuine guy, the streetest bike you’ll ever come across, and a hell of a sick street rider.