Trick Or Treat – Halloween Edit From “The Sez”

Trick or treat, and a happy halloween. Lots of big tricks and big treats in this halloween special video featuring Matt “The Sez” Leviege. Matt throws down his street bag of tricks all the way through, with the decent rail gap at the beginning. My personal favourite was the sprocket stall on top of the slide.

"The Sez", sprocket stall.

“The Sez”, sprocket stall.

Charlie Crumlish from The Come Up said: “Sez fucking kills it and I might be biased but this is definitely my favourite section of his yet. Can-can smith on a famous Austin downledge ledge and a pretty serious ender that got a homeowner presumably pretty seriously mad are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Matt Leviege dedicates this video to the memory of his father, Matthew Saad Muhammad, who was a hall of fame boxer, but died earlier this year.


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