Video Check: Voices (2005)

Every rider I know has a favourite BMX video section. Not me. If anybody ever asks me what my favourite video section is of all time, the reply is sure to be something along the lines of: “Every section from Voices”. If we take a trip down memory lane to the early to mid 00’s, its easy to see that Sheffield was basically the street capital of BMX. Every other UK video produced at the time had a portion of clips filmed on Sheffield turf, and the names circulating around the city were paving a path to where BMX is at today.

joe cox whiplash

Iconic whiplash by Joe Cox with Parkhill behind.

A down rail known as “Pondsy Rail” (opposite Ponds Forge) was England’s best known spot at the time and was within the pages of RideUKBMX magazine for years to follow. Dev Green Skatepark was the meeting ground for riders coming from other cities to ride. Dev should technically be another small terrible skatepark, but the “Voices” crew rode it, and thats why it was cool. Not to mention a quarter flyout in one corner that has been nicknamed “Cockmaster” since the beginning of time.

Pondsy Rail, photo by RideUKBMX

Pondsy Rail, photo by RideUKBMX

Dev green with "Cockmaster" in the far corner.

Dev green with “Cockmaster” in the far corner.

Joe Cox, the brains behind “Voices”, was gaining himself a right old reputation, for killing it with his technical ability, but also for the videos that he was producing.

“Joe Cox’s four and a half minute long section from “Voices” is up now. Pretty much every part from “Voices” is a classic, and this is no exception.” Said Brett from The Come Up.

Being from Sheffield myself, makes “Voices” that little more special to me. I not afraid to say that I have an emotional attachment to the video. Its sad really. But growing up around the scene at the time, seeing the guys shred, and being able to relate with the video that featured street spots that I can walk to is probably the reason why.

I have been deeply inspired by “Voices”. I listen to the music they used, I have all of Modest Mouse’s albums. I bought a free coaster (although Dan Cox wasn’t on a free coaster until TWW) because of these guys, so it influenced my riding style.

In order of appearance, the riders are: Josh Bedford, Dan Cox, Joe Cox, Dan Benson, Alex Riley, Paul Wolsey, Allen Harvey, Liam Earnshaw, Cookie, Newrick, Jersey, Paul Baker, Pud, Tom Sears, Kenny B, Ben Lewis, Mike Mills, Lee Williams, Ant Moss, Tommy C, Rob Hate, Ricky Feather, Beats, Tom Roberts, Bowlhead, Matthew Morgan, Lard, Tom Blyth, and MARV.

If you’ve never watched “Voices”, the link is above, If you have, watch it again.


The opening titles.


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