First impressions are the most important..

Hi guys and welcome to the site, I appreciate you taking your time to read this and hope you like the way the site is looking.
My name’s Adrian, I’m from Sheffield, England, and I have a healthy obsession with BMX/Bigwheel’d bikes. Some of you may recognise me from other places, hiding behind the username Caravanking.


Adrian Flatty

I’m into all sorts of different riding styles really, but I mainly stick to 24 inch wheel’d street (basically a big BMX). Below is a video which I produced for myself, of myself at the beginning of last year. I wouldn’t say there was any banger clips as such, I just had good fun making it. Thats what it’s all about right?


The final rail hop at the end of the video was probably my personal favourite clip of my edit. This is because I had been eyeing the gap since I saw Josh Bedford spin the same gap in Joe Cox’s Voices (2005), and from then on, I said to myself I was going to jump it. But always seemed to chicken when I went to the spot to jump the gap, then go home on an absolute downer and kicking myself. Its something we always go through at some point, well, the most of us.

Good news for those who liked the video, there is currently another in the pipeline that is partly constructed and coming soon. Watch this space.

If you have a video of yourself and would like to see it on our homepage, then why not send it in to us on Facebook!! 

Thanks for reading.


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