Trick Or Treat – Halloween Edit From “The Sez”

Trick or treat, and a happy halloween. Lots of big tricks and big treats in this halloween special video featuring Matt “The Sez” Leviege. Matt throws down his street bag of tricks all the way through, with the decent rail gap at the beginning. My personal favourite was the sprocket stall on top of the slide.

"The Sez", sprocket stall.

“The Sez”, sprocket stall.

Charlie Crumlish from The Come Up said: “Sez fucking kills it and I might be biased but this is definitely my favourite section of his yet. Can-can smith on a famous Austin downledge ledge and a pretty serious ender that got a homeowner presumably pretty seriously mad are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Matt Leviege dedicates this video to the memory of his father, Matthew Saad Muhammad, who was a hall of fame boxer, but died earlier this year.


Throwback Thursday – Brighton Ain’t Ready

Brighton certainly wasn’t ready for this one. The 36 riders, shut down the whole of Brighton over 6 months of filming. The film by Edd Allen came out in 2009, but I don’t think I watched the full thing myself until 2011. Shameful. I Know. I had seen some sections though. I was blown away by Karl Poynter’s section because of his ability on a free coaster. The OG coaster rider (of modern coaster riders), or was in my eyes anyway. On a Thursday lunchtime, from a room in Sheffield Hallam University, I give you, “Brighton Ain’t Ready.” Enjoy.

Video Check: Voices (2005)

Every rider I know has a favourite BMX video section. Not me. If anybody ever asks me what my favourite video section is of all time, the reply is sure to be something along the lines of: “Every section from Voices”. If we take a trip down memory lane to the early to mid 00’s, its easy to see that Sheffield was basically the street capital of BMX. Every other UK video produced at the time had a portion of clips filmed on Sheffield turf, and the names circulating around the city were paving a path to where BMX is at today.

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First impressions are the most important..

Hi guys and welcome to the site, I appreciate you taking your time to read this and hope you like the way the site is looking.
My name’s Adrian, I’m from Sheffield, England, and I have a healthy obsession with BMX/Bigwheel’d bikes. Some of you may recognise me from other places, hiding behind the username Caravanking.


Adrian Flatty

I’m into all sorts of different riding styles really, but I mainly stick to 24 inch wheel’d street (basically a big BMX). Below is a video which I produced for myself, of myself at the beginning of last year. I wouldn’t say there was any banger clips as such, I just had good fun making it. Thats what it’s all about right? Continue reading